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    View from the dais

    Measure 91 Committee Meeting

    My son Adam testifying about the need for prevention education for young people.

    After five months of teamwork and a few ups and downs, the Joint Committee to Implement Measure 91 has negotiated legislation to support the roll-out of Oregon’s adult-use marijuana sector, protect families and communities, and reduce activity in the gray market. You can read more about the key elements of this package here.

    I really like elements of this bill that will enable Oregonians to:

    • expunge marijuana offenses so people will not be stigmatized by conduct that’s no longer illegal,
    • educate young people that marijuana is not appropriate for them, even if it is legal for adults to use responsibly,
    • give local government tools they need to regulate legal marijuana businesses,
    • reduce activity in the unregulated market,
    • create reasonable opportunities for businesses to access start-up capital,
    • strengthen testing of marijuana products to protect people from contaminants and help them understand the potency of what they are consuming,
    • track impacts on energy and water use so we can encourage efficient use of these resources,
    • protect workers by giving them the right to organize and by providing whistleblower safeguards, and
    • provide certainty for an emerging sector so it can thrive and provide economic opportunity in our state.

    I also really like the fact that we developed this package with strong teamwork from patients, industry members, local government representatives, and others. Our committee voted the bill out unanimously, and we hope the House and Senate votes will also show strong bipartisan support.