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    Protecting Immigrants and Privacy

    Today the Oregon House passed HB 3464, which protects the privacy of Oregonians’ personal information. This will particularly help immigrant Oregonians who lack documentation. HB 3464 directs public bodies not to disclose a person’s contact information, address, workplace, work hours, and appointments at public agencies unless disclosure of that information required by law. The bill prevents public officials from inquiring into a resident’s citizenship or immigration status unless that information is necessary to determine eligibility for a benefit that the person has sought. It also requires our Attorney General to create a model policy implementing the new law and encourages local jurisdictions and government contractors to adopt and follow that policy.

    President Trump’s executive order expanding those individuals prioritized for deportation has created fear for Oregon’s immigrant community. It has also created a group of people at acute risk of abuse and exploitation.  Undocumented people who experience domestic violence, sexual assault, wage theft, or even medical needs may be unwilling to seek help because they fear it could trigger deportation. This is not how we want our friends and neighbors to live.

    I was honored to speak on the House floor in support of HB 3464 today. This is an important bill that will help us create an Oregon where all our residents are safe and can access help when they need it.


    3464 chiefs on floor

    Standing with Rep. Jennifer Williamson, Rep. Teresa Alonso Leon, and Rep. Diego Hernandez, my fellow chief sponsors of HB 3464, after today’s successful floor vote.

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