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    Mid-Session Update

    The 2017 legislative session is halfway over, and my colleagues and I have been doing a lot to improve workplace fairness, create economic opportunity, protect vulnerable people, and contain costs. These bills will make our state stronger, fairer, and more resilient, and I’m excited about how much progress we’ve already made toward passing them.

    Improving workplace fairness and creating opportunity

    • Ensuring equal pay for equal work, regardless of their gender, race, sexuality, disability status, or any other factor. (HB 2005)
    • Creating incentives for companies to help prevent workplace harassment and discrimination before it ever happens. (HB 3060)
    • Strengthening industries that create good jobs in both urban and rural parts of Oregon. (HB 2089, HB 2150, HB 2159HB 2160, SB 677)

    Protecting vulnerable people

    • Shielding vulnerable people from sexual harassment, sexual assault, and interpersonal violence. (HB 2955, HB 2972, HB 3279)
    • Increasing access to safe, affordable housing. (HB 2155, HB 2852, HB 3012)
    • Keeping our community safe from gun violence. (SB 719)

    Containing costs and prioritizing spending

    • Prioritizing treatment and limiting prison spending for low-level offenders who struggle with addiction. (HB 3078, HB 3380)
    • Reducing government operating costs by supporting service consolidation and reducing overhead costs. (HB 3374)

    From our federal government to our local economy, things are changing in dramatic ways. A prime example is the recent revenue package introduced in the Joint Tax Reform Committee. The proposal includes a gross receipts tax, which the Legislative Revenue Office expects to increase hiring and investment in Oregon while creating much-needed revenue for the state. I support this package in order to ensure adequate funding for education, mental health services, and addiction recovery programs.

    The work we’re doing in Salem sends a clear message: here in Oregon, we stand for equality, fairness, and opportunity. I am proud of the work we’ve done so far to uphold those values, and I am committed to continuing to support ideas that move our state forward.

    As always, please reach out to me with your thoughts and concerns. You can email me at rep.annlininger@oregonlegislature.gov, or you can call my office at (503) 986-1438. I look forward to hearing from you.output

    Meeting with constituents during the UFCW Lobby Day

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