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    Supporting Justice and Health Equity

    A crucial way we can help Oregon women be healthy is by enabling them to determine when to have children. That’s why I support access to reproductive healthcare for Oregonians who need it. I proudly helped pass legislation making it easier for women to obtain birth control. I will keep fighting to help all Oregon women get the medical help they need, regardless of income.

    We also need to make sure LGBTQ Oregonians have access to affordable healthcare that is delivered in a respectful manner. I’m pleased to have helped pass legislation banning “conversion therapy,” in which gay youth can be pressured to deny their identities. I will continue working to make sure LGBTQ Oregonians have access to the care they need.

    I’m honored to have earned the support of groups that work for justice and healthcare equity. Thank you, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, Basic Rights Oregon Equality PAC, and The Mother PAC, for your endorsements of my re-election campaign.


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