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    Safe Courts, Safe Communities

    This session I am working on some key public safety efforts:

    • Protecting vulnerable people from sexual assault and abuse (HB 2005, HB 2673, HB 3060);
    •  Helping offenders obtain addiction treatment and mental health supports when needed so we can prevent crime and avoid prison costs (HB 3078, HB 3380); and
    • Making sure our courts are safe and meet community needs (SB 5505).

    Last week Clackamas County Chair Jim Bernard, Presiding Circuit Court Judge Robert Herndon, and I testified before the Ways and Means Committee in support of SB 5505 to help redevelop the Clackamas County Courthouse.

    As part of this effort, we’ve created a coalition of legislators, public safety officials, lawyers, and other community leaders who understand Clackamas needs a safe courthouse for our justice system to function well.

    I’m delighted to work with long-time colleagues and friends to support this effort.  We are reuniting the Family Justice Center launch team in support of another great project.

    Courthouse Testimony

    Advocating for a new Clackamas County Courthouse with  Clackamas County Chair Jim Bernard, Presiding Circuit Court Judge Robert Herndon, and Clackamas County Government Affairs Director Chris Lyons

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    Mid-Session Update

    The 2017 legislative session is halfway over, and my colleagues and I have been doing a lot to improve workplace fairness, create economic opportunity, protect vulnerable people, and contain costs. These bills will make our state stronger, fairer, and more resilient, and I’m excited about how much progress we’ve already made toward passing them.

    Improving workplace fairness and creating opportunity

    • Ensuring equal pay for equal work, regardless of their gender, race, sexuality, disability status, or any other factor. (HB 2005)
    • Creating incentives for companies to help prevent workplace harassment and discrimination before it ever happens. (HB 3060)
    • Strengthening industries that create good jobs in both urban and rural parts of Oregon. (HB 2089, HB 2150, HB 2159HB 2160, SB 677)

    Protecting vulnerable people

    • Shielding vulnerable people from sexual harassment, sexual assault, and interpersonal violence. (HB 2955, HB 2972, HB 3279)
    • Increasing access to safe, affordable housing. (HB 2155, HB 2852, HB 3012)
    • Keeping our community safe from gun violence. (SB 719)

    Containing costs and prioritizing spending

    • Prioritizing treatment and limiting prison spending for low-level offenders who struggle with addiction. (HB 3078, HB 3380)
    • Reducing government operating costs by supporting service consolidation and reducing overhead costs. (HB 3374)

    From our federal government to our local economy, things are changing in dramatic ways. A prime example is the recent revenue package introduced in the Joint Tax Reform Committee. The proposal includes a gross receipts tax, which the Legislative Revenue Office expects to increase hiring and investment in Oregon while creating much-needed revenue for the state. I support this package in order to ensure adequate funding for education, mental health services, and addiction recovery programs.

    The work we’re doing in Salem sends a clear message: here in Oregon, we stand for equality, fairness, and opportunity. I am proud of the work we’ve done so far to uphold those values, and I am committed to continuing to support ideas that move our state forward.

    As always, please reach out to me with your thoughts and concerns. You can email me at rep.annlininger@oregonlegislature.gov, or you can call my office at (503) 986-1438. I look forward to hearing from you.output

    Meeting with constituents during the UFCW Lobby Day

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    Mid-Session Town Hall

    We are halfway through the legislative session, and already we’ve made some great progress to protect vulnerable people and support fairness:

    • The House passed a pay equity bill, which is now being considered in the Senate. (HB 2005)
    • We have taken steps to prevent sexual assault and domestic violence. (HB 2972, HB 2955)
    • Today, the House passed a bill to curb workplace discrimination. (HB 3060)

    I would love to hear your feedback on these accomplishments, and get your input on what we should prioritize in the second half of the legislative session. Next Saturday, I’ll be joining forces with my colleagues to host a town hall. I hope you’ll come share your thoughts, ideas, and concerns. Here are the details:

    2017 mid session town hall

    I look forward to hearing from you next weekend. Even if you can’t make it, you can reach out to me at rep.annlininger@oregonlegislature.gov, or (503) 986-1438 to share your thoughts.


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    Preventing Violence

    This session, I have been working very hard to prevent domestic and sexual violence and ensure justice for those who have been wronged.

    HB 2955 increases penalties for strangulation in domestic violence settings, as strangulation has a strong link to domestic homicide and other severe crimes. HB 2972 protects victims of sexual assault on college campuses by prohibiting disciplinary actionagainst the victim if they choose not to proceed with a campus investigation or adjudication into the incident. HB 2129 limits restrictions of noneconomic damages of wrongdoing in civil suits. Lastly, HB 3279 takes steps to regulate fly by night janitorial contractors in order to prevent the all-too-often crime of sexual assault of janitorial staff.

    I’m very proud to work on legislation that ends violence and gives much needed support to victims of wrongdoing.

    2972 testimony

    Providing Testimony on HB 2972


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    Training the Next Generation of Leaders

    As a legislator and as a mother, one of my biggest priorities is teaching and inspiring young people to become leaders that will continue to move our country forward. That’s why I’m so proud of the progress being made by the young people that sit on the House District 38 Student Leadership Cabinet. Since the application deadline closed, my staff and I gave the Cabinet a crash course in the legislative process and assigned each member a specific bill on which to prepare a policy brief. The assignment was to do research, and prepare a written report and spoken presentation for our office that spoke to the background, pros, and cons of their bill.

    This last week, five Cabinet members also came to the Capitol to intern in my office. They attended committee meetings, helped with legislative tasks, and did in-office work on their policy briefs. The Student Leadership Cabinet will meet again in the next few weeks to present their briefs to my staff and I, and will continue to come to Salem to intern throughout the rest of the legislative session. These young leaders are doing great work, and I’m glad to have them on my team.slc

    Meeting with the Student Leadership Cabinet at Riverdale High School

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    A Smarter Approach to Criminal Justice

    Many Oregonians face unjustly harsh penalties and stiff prison sentences for crimes that can often be better addressed by alternative sentencing programs. These penalties often have a disparate impact on our most vulnerable communities, and we need to do better. This session, I have been working to reform Oregon’s criminal justice system.

    That is why I am sponsoring several bills that will work to reduce costs, lower prison populations, and increase fairness. Senate Bills 302 and 303 make needed changes to the Controlled Substances Act to ensure fair penalties for marijuana possession. HB 2355 defelonizes certain lesser crimes and creates a pathway for data collection of officer-involved stops. Lastly, HB 3078 reduces sentences for property-related felonies and other crimes when drug counseling is a better alternative.

    I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues to advocate for these bills. By supporting common sense legislation, we can protect Oregonians and improve public safety while reducing recidivism and cutting costs.



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    Protecting the Rights of Vulnerable Oregonians

    In recent months, there has been a notable increase in discrimination and harassment toward marginalized communities.  In a time in which we can’t rely on the Federal government to protect our rights, it becomes increasingly important to send a statement that here in Oregon, we can do better. That is why I am working on bills that will protect vulnerable Oregonians.

    HB 2005 is a pay equity bill, which creates important protections against pay discrimination regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or other protected class status. HB 2673 makes it easier for individuals to change their names on vital records to reflect their gender identity. HB 3060 will prevent workplace discrimination at companies that wish to do business with the state.

    These bills will help ensure that all Oregonians are treated fairly. I’m excited to continue working with my colleagues on these and other bills that address this issue.

    equal pay 2

    Testifying before the House Committee on Business and Labor in Support of HB 2005.

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    Seeking Applicants: Student Leadership Cabinet

    When I was in high school, I served on a Student Advisory Council to then-Superintendent of Public Instruction Vern Duncan. The experience taught me a great deal about public service and leadership, and it helped me understand the role I could play in making Oregon the best state it can be.

    That’s why I’m excited to announce the House District 38 Student Leadership Cabinet, an opportunity for up to twelve high schoolers in our community to join my legislative team and participate in the policymaking process.

    After an orientation to the legislative process, members of the Cabinet will identify their policy interests and be assigned a bill to evaluate and track within their chosen area of interest. During in-district meetings and visits to Salem, members will keep me updated on these bills, attend committee hearings, meet stakeholders and elected officials, and assist my staff with the work of operating a legislative office.

    Students in grades 9-11 are invited to apply for a position on the Cabinet by emailing a resume and a brief statement of interest to rep.annlininger@oregonlegislature.gov. Applications should be submitted by 5:00 PM on Wednesday, March 1. Questions can be directed to my Legislative Assistant, Mark Bond, at (503) 986-1438.

    The young people in our community are diverse, passionate, and engaged. I look forward to working with them!

    Ann and students

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    Hope and Unity

    As we reach the year end, I feel hopeful about what we can accomplish together. I’m hopeful that Oregonians can unite to improve opportunity and fairness for people around our state. I’m hopeful we can stand together against discrimination and harassment. I am hopeful Oregon can provide a model for how people from diverse perspectives and geographies can work together to improve life for all of us.

    This coming year I will chair the House Committee on Economic Development and Trade, co-chair the Joint Committee on Marijuana Regulation, and serve on the House Judiciary Committee. These assignments will allow me to focus on some important goals. I will help Oregon employers create good jobs for local families. I will push for laws to ensure that Oregonians receive equal pay for equal work. I will fight to prevent discrimination, harassment, and assault, and help people who have suffered these harms seek justice.

    This is a time of uncertainty nationally, but it can be a time of unity and strength here in Oregon. We need to stand together and support our shared values. Together we can make 2017 a good year for all of us.


    Lake Oswego march for tolerance and peace. Photo credit: Lake Oswego Review.

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    Uniting Our Community

    Thank you for supporting my re-election effort. With your help we won almost 70% of the votes cast. Now we need to get to work creating opportunity for Oregonians all across the state and protecting vulnerable people.

    The election showed some sharp differences of opinion here in our state and across our country. We need to create opportunity for all families to earn a good living and care for their loved ones. We also need to make sure Oregon is a place where all people are treated with respect and dignity regardless of their race, religion, gender, heritage, or sexual orientation.

    There have been reports of bigoted events around our state and country, and even in our own community. Lake Oswego is a politically diverse community united by tolerance. We need to reinforce that message with our children and throughout this community. Let’s be a model of how people with different views can live together and support one another as one community.

    This Friday there is a great march in support of love and diversity for Lake Oswego families. You can read more about it here. I hope you can join us for the event.