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    Big Breakthrough

    Yesterday we passed a resolution at the National Conference of State Legislatures urging Congress to solve the cannabis banking problem and allow states to decide for themselves how to regulate cannabis. It was an important breakthrough.

    We did it with bipartisan teamwork from Oregon legislators Sen. Ted Ferrioli, Sen. Ginny Burdick, Rep. Jennifer Williamson, and former Senator Bruce Starr, as well as from Republican and Democratic legislators from around the country. At one point a Republican Senator from Utah—which allows neither medical nor adult-use cannabis—offered a compromise amendment that allowed the resolution move forward.

    We need more bipartisan teamwork like this to solve tough problems in our country. It’s great that work on the cannabis issue, both in Oregon and at our national summit, is providing a model for how we can move forward together.   

    There is much left to do – the federal government’s decision not to de-schedule is one example. I stand ready to work with you, and to work across the aisle, to keep making progress.


    Speaking to the National Conference of State Legislatures about the importance of our resolution.

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