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    Mid-Session Town Hall

    We are halfway through the legislative session, and already we’ve made some great progress to protect vulnerable people and support fairness:

    • The House passed a pay equity bill, which is now being considered in the Senate. (HB 2005)
    • We have taken steps to prevent sexual assault and domestic violence. (HB 2972, HB 2955)
    • Today, the House passed a bill to curb workplace discrimination. (HB 3060)

    I would love to hear your feedback on these accomplishments, and get your input on what we should prioritize in the second half of the legislative session. Next Saturday, I’ll be joining forces with my colleagues to host a town hall. I hope you’ll come share your thoughts, ideas, and concerns. Here are the details:

    2017 mid session town hall

    I look forward to hearing from you next weekend. Even if you can’t make it, you can reach out to me at rep.annlininger@oregonlegislature.gov, or (503) 986-1438 to share your thoughts.


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    Seeking Applicants: Student Leadership Cabinet

    When I was in high school, I served on a Student Advisory Council to then-Superintendent of Public Instruction Vern Duncan. The experience taught me a great deal about public service and leadership, and it helped me understand the role I could play in making Oregon the best state it can be.

    That’s why I’m excited to announce the House District 38 Student Leadership Cabinet, an opportunity for up to twelve high schoolers in our community to join my legislative team and participate in the policymaking process.

    After an orientation to the legislative process, members of the Cabinet will identify their policy interests and be assigned a bill to evaluate and track within their chosen area of interest. During in-district meetings and visits to Salem, members will keep me updated on these bills, attend committee hearings, meet stakeholders and elected officials, and assist my staff with the work of operating a legislative office.

    Students in grades 9-11 are invited to apply for a position on the Cabinet by emailing a resume and a brief statement of interest to rep.annlininger@oregonlegislature.gov. Applications should be submitted by 5:00 PM on Wednesday, March 1. Questions can be directed to my Legislative Assistant, Mark Bond, at (503) 986-1438.

    The young people in our community are diverse, passionate, and engaged. I look forward to working with them!

    Ann and students

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    Hope and Unity

    As we reach the year end, I feel hopeful about what we can accomplish together. I’m hopeful that Oregonians can unite to improve opportunity and fairness for people around our state. I’m hopeful we can stand together against discrimination and harassment. I am hopeful Oregon can provide a model for how people from diverse perspectives and geographies can work together to improve life for all of us.

    This coming year I will chair the House Committee on Economic Development and Trade, co-chair the Joint Committee on Marijuana Regulation, and serve on the House Judiciary Committee. These assignments will allow me to focus on some important goals. I will help Oregon employers create good jobs for local families. I will push for laws to ensure that Oregonians receive equal pay for equal work. I will fight to prevent discrimination, harassment, and assault, and help people who have suffered these harms seek justice.

    This is a time of uncertainty nationally, but it can be a time of unity and strength here in Oregon. We need to stand together and support our shared values. Together we can make 2017 a good year for all of us.


    Lake Oswego march for tolerance and peace. Photo credit: Lake Oswego Review.

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    Uniting Our Community

    Thank you for supporting my re-election effort. With your help we won almost 70% of the votes cast. Now we need to get to work creating opportunity for Oregonians all across the state and protecting vulnerable people.

    The election showed some sharp differences of opinion here in our state and across our country. We need to create opportunity for all families to earn a good living and care for their loved ones. We also need to make sure Oregon is a place where all people are treated with respect and dignity regardless of their race, religion, gender, heritage, or sexual orientation.

    There have been reports of bigoted events around our state and country, and even in our own community. Lake Oswego is a politically diverse community united by tolerance. We need to reinforce that message with our children and throughout this community. Let’s be a model of how people with different views can live together and support one another as one community.

    This Friday there is a great march in support of love and diversity for Lake Oswego families. You can read more about it here. I hope you can join us for the event.


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    In the last two weeks, our campaign has earned great endorsements from three local newspapers. These endorsements affirm the importance of my key priorities: protecting vulnerable people and creating opportunity by expanding the jobs base, ensuring workplace fairness, and strengthening education. They also highlight my commitment to working with people across party lines and across the state to solve problems. Here’s what they had to say:

    “Rep. Ann Lininger, D-Lake Oswego, who raised her family in suburbia and grew up in the Rogue Valley, embodies the candidate needed to bring Oregon together.

    The Oregonian, October 24, 2016

    “We’ve long admired Lininger’s willingness to cross party lines on any number of issues and fight for bipartisan solutions; we have seen her work to build consensus, for example, on growing Oregon’s agricultural economy, improving the state’s response to sexual assault crimes and helping survivors of domestic violence…”

    Lake Oswego Review, October 24, 2016

    “Lininger, 48, is smart and well-versed in the problems facing Oregon. A lawyer, she’s a clear communicator. Her progressive values are in line with the voters in her district… Lininger deserves another term.”

    Willamette Week, October 12, 2016

    I’m proud to have endorsements from these newspapers, and I’m proud to work every day toward a stronger, more inclusive Oregon.


    Farm visit with Sara Batterby, an Oregon agricultural entrepreneur.

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    Standing Up For Our Environment

    In the last two years I have been proud to work with allies and legislative colleagues to address climate change and protect our clean air and water. Together we have passed this important legislation:

    • Coal transition bill to wean Oregon off coal-generated energy and increase renewable energy production;
    • Clean fuels bill to reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation;
    • Aerial pesticide legislation to strengthen penalties and education to prevent pesticide poisoning; and
    • Children’s toxics legislation to remove toxic elements from children’s products.

    I’m proud to be endorsed by the Oregon League of Conservation Voters. I will keep working with OLCV, the Oregon Conservation Network, and other groups to protect Oregon’s clean air and water and address climate change.


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    Making Progress on Gun Safety

    After killings at Umpqua Community College, Clackamas Town Center, and Reynolds High School, it’s clear that Oregon needs to take stronger steps to protect our families, schools, and communities from gun violence. I am proud to have supported legislation to close background check loopholes and prevent domestic abusers from having guns, and I am ready to take the next step of passing additional safety measures.

    Governor Brown, in partnership with advocates from around our state, has proposed several steps we can take in the coming year to reduce gun violence. I am ready to work with the Governor on those ideas, and I am honored that Oregonians for Gun Safety has endorsed my re-election effort.

    We need to pull together as a state and pass sensible gun safety laws. It’s the right next step for Oregon families and communities.


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    Ensuring Fair Treatment for Women

    So many of us have experienced sexual assault and sexual harassment, and it’s painful to hear Donald Trump’s recent comments about women. His comments also strengthened my resolve to fight for fair treatment of women and of all Oregonians. As the mother of a young daughter, an attorney, and a legislator, I believe we must create a world in which women are treated fairly. I will continue fighting to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault and to improve our tools for addressing it.

    In the last two years I helped pass laws that improve how agencies process rape kit evidence, extend the statute of limitations for sexual assault crimes, and ensure confidentiality for survivors on college campuses so they can have privacy as they seek medical help and decide how to proceed. I co-sponsored laws to help victims of stalking obtain restraining orders at no charge, and to prevent domestic abusers from having guns.

    Oregonians of good will need to join together and make clear that all of us—women and men, girls and boys, black and white, gay and straight—deserve to be treated fairly and with dignity. I will work to make that happen.


    Sitting with my daughter at my desk on the House floor.

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    Supporting Justice and Health Equity

    A crucial way we can help Oregon women be healthy is by enabling them to determine when to have children. That’s why I support access to reproductive healthcare for Oregonians who need it. I proudly helped pass legislation making it easier for women to obtain birth control. I will keep fighting to help all Oregon women get the medical help they need, regardless of income.

    We also need to make sure LGBTQ Oregonians have access to affordable healthcare that is delivered in a respectful manner. I’m pleased to have helped pass legislation banning “conversion therapy,” in which gay youth can be pressured to deny their identities. I will continue working to make sure LGBTQ Oregonians have access to the care they need.

    I’m honored to have earned the support of groups that work for justice and healthcare equity. Thank you, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, Basic Rights Oregon Equality PAC, and The Mother PAC, for your endorsements of my re-election campaign.


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    Electing a Strong Team Takes Teamwork

    If we want to pass important legislation—bills that enable working parents earn paid sick leave to care for their kids or that prevent domestic abusers from having guns—we need a strong team of allies in the Oregon Legislature. That’s why in addition to working hard in our own community to win re-election this November, I am talking to voters around our state to help elect the great people we need to get things done.

    In the last few weeks I’ve knocked on doors and attended events to help elect Janelle Bynum, Paul Evans, Paul Southwick, Mark Meek, and Teresa Alonso Leon. It’s fun to support hardworking candidates and learn about issues around our state.

    Please send me an email at ann@annlininger.org if you want to help canvas in support of a candidate or ballot measure this election season. Our team can connect you with information about upcoming opportunities. Thank you for your teamwork!







    Teamwork like this will help us elect strong leaders to the Oregon House.