Ann’s Priorities

My husband and I are raising our family in Lake Oswego where I am an attorney, community volunteer, and the mother of two kids in our public schools.

Oregon is changing fast, and we are fortunate to welcome new industries and new residents to our state. We are also lucky to have long-established communities where residents value Oregon’s traditional culture. Both the old and new aspects of Oregon are valuable, and we need to unite them in a way that is positive for all of us. I am always looking for ways to build bridges that connect Oregonians.

I entered public service because I wanted to help tackle some of our biggest challenges. I know there are dedicated people—on both sides of the aisle, and from different corners of the state—who want to collaborate on smart solutions to benefit all of us.

When the new legislative session starts up early in 2017, I plan to focus on increasing economic opportunity, strengthening public education, and protecting vulnerable Oregonians. As I work on these issues I will be promoting teamwork with colleagues and community members across the state and across party lines. That’s the kind of unifying leadership that reinforces Oregon’s diversity and resourcefulness.

It’s a great privilege to be your State Representative in District 38. I hope you’ll get in touch, follow our progress on Facebook and Twitter, and be a part of our campaign. I look forward to hearing from you.

Expanding Economic Opportunity and Fairness

Oregon does best when all Oregonians have the chance to contribute to their local economy. We can support opportunity and fairness for Oregonians all around our state. Here’s how:

  • Improving our transportation system to help people and freight get to wherever they need to go.
  • Fostering growth in Oregon’s new agriculture, food and beverage, clean energy, and construction sectors.
  • Improving access to affordable childcare, paid family medical leave, equal pay for equal work, and predictable scheduling.
  • Strengthening protections against sexual harassment and other forms of workplace discrimination.
  • Protecting our our clean air and water, and addressing climate change in ways that make sense.

Strengthening our Public Schools

Oregonians will be best able to succeed in our changing economy if they have access to a strong public education. Over the last 100 years, five generations of my family have attended public schools in our state. I know strong schools are crucial to helping Oregonians thrive in a changing economy. Here are some of my priorities for our schools:

  • Improving students’ access to career technical education and college readiness courses.
  • Increasing Oregon’s high school completion rates.
  • Adding instructional time and reducing class sizes.
  • Encouraging girls and students of color to prepare for good jobs in sectors where they are under-represented.

Helping Vulnerable People

Oregonians care about one another, and we want more positive outcomes for those who might need a hand. This isn’t merely a question of compassion; it’s also a question of equal justice and sustaining our shared well-being. Here are some basic goals to meet that objective:

  • Ensuring access to reproductive healthcare for everyone who needs it.
  • Protecting our community from gun violence.
  • Preventing domestic violence and sexual assault, and helping survivors rebuild their lives.
  • Enabling Oregonians to have a safe, affordable place to live.
  • Helping people with addiction and mental illness obtain the help they need to stabilize and move forward.
  • Defending the rights of our most vulnerable community members at a time of great transition and uncertainty nationally.

I have shaped my priorities based on input from you, and I want to continue hearing your ideas and concerns.

Please contact me any time at, or keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter.