Judge Ann Lininger

Dedicated to Our Families & Communities

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As an attorney, an elected official at the state and local levels, and a dedicated community leader, Ann Lininger has the experience we need in a Circuit Court Judge.


Ann has 14 years of legal experience, including helping families escape violence, find safe housing, and improve their lives. She has served as a state legislator, Clackamas County commissioner, staff person, and nonprofit board member at public service agencies dedicated to protecting vulnerable people, preventing crime, and providing affordable housing. Ann grew up in Oregon, where her family has lived for generations. She and her husband are raising their own family in Clackamas County.

Now, as a Circuit Court Judge, Ann handles cases involving juvenile delinquency, foster care, mental illness and addiction, family disputes, landlord-tenant issues, business problems, abuse and assault, and other criminal charges. Circuit Court is a place where Oregonians come when they are in crisis. We need judges like Ann who are smart, compassionate, and even-handed to resolve disputes fairly and protect our community.

We hope you will join us in helping Judge Lininger retain her position as Circuit Court Judge in Clackamas County.

– Committee to Elect Judge Lininger

State Rep. Karin Power · Vern Duncan · Greg Macpherson · Ron Adams · Commissioner Sonya Fischer · Greg Chaimov · State Rep. Richard Vial · Mark Wada · Elizabeth Kaufman · Dave and Tonia Hunt · Lane Borg · Michael Bloom · Melissa Erlbaum · Peter Watts · Brent Barton · Brad Dunkin · Rob LeChevallier · Rob Wagner · Laurie Cremona Wagner