Dedicated to Our Families & Communities

Ann comes from a six generation Oregon family. Her dad helped run the family construction business and her mom worked as a teacher and a school principal. Life wasn’t always easy; the family business struggled during the recession of the 1980’s. Understanding the challenges and stress that families can go through is why Ann has worked so hard to make life better for families and build a stronger future for our community.

Ann has used her skills as a public interest attorney and active volunteer to develop affordable housing, strengthen our public schools and help victims of domestic violence. As a local business leader, she has worked to strengthen our local manu- facturing economy. And as a Clackamas County Commissioner, she reached across partisan divisions and brought people together to make a real difference.

Now, as our State Representative, Ann Lininger is putting her experience & values into action:

Strengthening Schools & Opportunity

  • Making K-12 funding a top priority while supporting sensible tax reforms and opposing inappropriate tax giveaways.
  • Supporting technical education programs that provide training for good jobs and helping students access community college courses.
  • Keeping the cost of college within reach by supporting financial aid for students and keeping tuition affordable.

Protecting Our Environment

  • Preserving Oregon’s forests and farmland by limiting development to appropriate locations.
  • Encouraging cleaner energy and the jobs that come with it by supporting Oregon’s clean fuels program and advocating for renewable energy projects.
  • Making sure Oregon does its part to address climate change by supporting energy efficiency improvements and examining incentives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Helping Families & Seniors

  • Helping low-income seniors stay in their homes by improving Oregon’s property tax deferral program.
  • Helping families prevent or overcome homelessness and get on their feet by supporting investment
  • in Oregon’s Emergency Housing Account and State Homeless Assistance Program.
  • Expanding mental health and addiction recovery services by supporting creation of local clinics and improved coordination among caregivers.
  • As a member of the Oregon Retirement Savings Task force, developing a plan for Oregonians to have a more secure retirement when they don’t have an employer based program.

And Ann’s private sector experience in financial analysis and watching the bottom line will make sure we get the most out of every tax dollar.